Our Team

As Founder and CEO, Becki brings her passion for people to life at California People Search. With nearly three decades of perfecting her expertise in pursuing to create the best client and candidate partnerships, she brings a style of polished panache to the recruiting, staffing and talent acquisition industry. Becki began her business with a background of education in Human Development and Psychology, and a love for seeing people succeed, thus providing her the broad focus to see beyond the surface details and dial-in into a dedicated and specialized recruiting niche. Becki finds the hidden talents of an individual along with discovering the unidentified needs of the client to provide fluidity to building of successful and long-lasting business partnerships.
Lacy brings to the team her top-tier talent acquisition ability. With her honed skills from a background developed and degree received in the hospitality industry, her account management style takes a refined position in understanding the specialized needs of both her candidates and clients alike. Her main stay position is perseverance in finding the perfect fit and providing a seamless transition for the client company and their team. Because Lacy’s focus is to bring ease and confidence to the partnerships she is building, you can be assured you will receive nothing less than the best with her expertise. She is dedicated, hardworking, and has a passion for connecting with people.

With over 25 years of experience Maureen brings to California People Search excellent communication and presentation skills. She has a sound reputation for commitment to excellence and accomplishing strategic objectives, while maintaining the highest professional standards. Her professionalism stems from the philosophy that recruiting services are still personal connections and face to face interactions. She is dedicated, persistent and has great follow up. Over the years she has built excellent rapport with clients. Maureen is enthusiastic about recruiting. She is energetic and passionate about everything in life. She loves people and working with them to find the right fit and fill their staffing needs.
Lina is an energetic, passionate, and hardworking individual with a passion in autism advocacy, developing and maintaining relationships, and reading great literature. She has administrative and customer service experience, and has worn a lot of different hats. From establishing relationships with customers as a sales rep to stepping into the role of the Director of sales, doing online research for 2 different sales teams, managing CRM, creating financial reports, and assisting her teams, including the executive team, she's done it all. She is extremely motivated, organized, self efficient, and disciplined. While her last title was Office Administrator, in reality, she was known as the person who could do everything, and manage everything. Since she was well versed on most if not all aspects of the business, clients came to respect, and acknowledge her efficiency. She thrives on the excitement of being able to create and support relationships and was honored to be the only administrator asked to work closely with the controller and CFO on managing the company's finances. No matter where she is, the quality of her work has always been topnotch. This is due to her dedication, loyalty, and her ability to multi task in a fast paced environment. She prides herself in taking ownership of all her responsibilities, and effectively managed her busy schedule with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. She's learned to be flexible, roll with the changes and get things done.


Our Foundations and Charities

Each of the charities listed holds a very special place in the heart of our team members.

www.midpenbgc.org – In honor of the late Kirk Michael Peterson